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Cardiff man helps clients identify, realize their goals


CARDIFF - He says he's been coaching people throughout his life, and now Riley Cardwell is marketing his motivational talent.

The Cardiff resident founded Solana Beach-based Riley Cardwell Coaching in 1996.

The business is designed to help people determine their individual problems and goals and find ways to solve and reach them.

"When all these things are balanced, people will have a smooth ride in life," Cardwell said.

Although coaching sessions vary, Cardwell usually asks his clients to rate their health, money, career and personal relationships on a scale of 1 to 10. He then tells them to give a concrete description of what the rating means to them, and asks them what rating they would prefer. A concrete description of that second rating also is given.

Cardwell then discusses whether that's a reasonable goal, and what his clients could do to meet it.

"I help them see their problems and goals from a different perspective," Cardwell said.

"Then the magic happens. All kinds of doors they thought were locked are opened and real possibilities occur."

Coaching sessions are available for a range of people, from entrepreneurs to managers, executives and people simply in transition, Cardwell said.

Cardwell said he's been coaching people for years.

When he was 11, a fellow elementary school student who was a delinquent youngster asked Cardwell for some advice on how to avoid trouble.

''He said, 'How do I get to be more like you? You get good grades, have fun and don't get in trouble," Cardwell recalled. "I just told him to hang out with me."

The child's father eventually asked Cardwell's parents if his son could stay with them for a while each Saturday.

''He didn't become a class angel, but we became friends, and I ended up being a mentor to him," Cardwell said.

Cardwell was even a mentor during his years in radio.

As an on-air announcer for the now defunct KLRO and then KFMX, which became KYXY, Cardwell worked with the new disc jockeys, showing them the ropes and infusing them with the motivation needed for that kind of work.

A 1973 broadcast communications graduate from the University of Hawaii, Cardwell also acted in a few commercials and television shows, including "Hawaii Five-O," "The Brian Keith Show" and "The Brady Bunch."

But he wanted to put his talents to better use and expand the consulting, so he formed Riley Cardwell Coaching.

Sessions can last a half-hour or an hour.

249 S. Pacific Coast Highway # 202
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone (619) 515-4884
Fax (760) 632-1152

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